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I live in rural Georgia (between two cow pastures and a cotton field) , where I raise my two sons at home during the day, and write books at night. In 2010, I earned a BS of Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University.


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The Self-Check We All Need Before Speaking

Imagine sitting in on a Psychology class with Jesus Christ as the instructor speaking through a seasoned interpreter. You'd learn a lot about overcoming evil with good [Romans 12:21], right? And since it is all too easy in this fallen world to unwittingly embrace and practice evil without fully realizing it, I imagine Jesus would place something of an emphasis upon some honest confrontation in the mirror.

Harrison's work belongs in my library section containing Rabbi Kushner's "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," Schoenheit's "Don't Blame God," and Sanders' "The God Who Risks." But Harrison's book is less theologically dense and broad. Instead, it essentially narrows the focus to a listing of her very practical and palatable advice for victory in mastering Dale Carnegie's first principle: Don't Criticize, Condemn and Complain. She also pulls back the curtain to show the detrimental and limiting effect complaining has upon the complainer.

Everyone can learn from this effort. It is absolutely worth your time to drink from this wellspring of wisdom

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